Greetings from 3 Orbs

Success in life or employability in the current day world, demands various set of skills, attributes and endowments along with conventional and technical skills.

3 Orbs aims at empowering youth with abilities that help them sustain in all fields at careers, be it entrepreneurship or jobs.

Honing these abilities (Skills, Attitude and Beliefs) can help them become effective and adequately equipped to suit the business and corporate requirements.

We call these Orbs (short form of Orbits) because they constitute our lives and surround them at all times. Success, satisfaction and peace depend on how we manage the Orbs.

In the ever growing competition, refining and tuning these Orbs gives youth the edge over the rest of them, increasing their chances of success and stability in life.

Owing to the fact and statistics around lower success rate in entrepreneurship and employability, training services that empower youth with these qualifiers become imminent.

Employers from all kinds of industries demand a different set of soft skills, attributes and talents rather than traditional; hence creating a wide gap between the industrial practice and the qualities present among aspiring professionals.

3 Orbs is set up with an objective to:

Bridge these gaps

Hone the 3 orbits of life the practical, straightforward way

Assist students to expand their abilities and make them exceptionally effective

Get them more successful in careers and excel in life.

The Orbs


The ability to perform a particular mental or physical activity which may be developed by training or practice.

Refining “Skills” will help in

  1. Acquiring abilities to suit industry / corporate standards.
  2. Building leadership qualities.
  3. Creating a systematic approach to handle any situation.
  4. Developing self-confidence.
  5. Empowering an individual to take critical decision.
  6. Framing an approach to resolve road blocks


A personal characteristic or attributes.

Refining “Attitude” will help in

  1. Acquiring Inner Strength.
  2. Building character.
  3. Creating positivity / positive intent.
  4. Developing poise, control & will power.
  5. Empowering with basics to manage life effectively.
  6. Framing the right mindset to balance emotions.


A state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed.

Directing “Beliefs” will help in

  1. Balancing the interpretation of social and emotional elements.
  2. Encouraging an ethical valued life style.
  3. Leveraging surrounding influences to an acceptable doctrine.
  4. Inculcating social responsibility.
  5. Emulating humanitarian principles.
  6. Focusing on environmental obligation

Our Programs

3 Orbs introduces customized programs for schools, colleges and universities.

“KEY” (Know & Empower Yourself) – A program for students pursuing graduation and post-graduation.

“IdiY” (Identify the inner You) – A program for students pursuing 10th & Intermediate.


  • Communication
  • Innovation
  • Problem solving
  • Planning
  • Decision making
  • Strategic ability
  • Analytical thinking
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership


  • Thought process
  • Learning intent
  • Emotion/ Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Positivity


  • Values/ Ethics
  • Love/ Affection/ Sex
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Religion/ Faith
  • Social service


  • Familiarize with environment to understand mind-sets.
  • Conduct pre-assessments using various tools and exercises.
  • Assess level of skills, attitude and beliefs in students.


  • Streamline all accumulated relevant information.
  • Analyse the weak links and also identify the pain points.

Ideate & Design

  • Formulate the appropriate schedule and workshop model.
  • Prepare the needed tools, exercises and games.
  • Send requirements to institution accordingly.


  • Conduct relevant workshops and trainings to students.
  • Periodically gauge progress and acceptance.


  • Assess the performance of students using appropriate tools.
  • Prepare detailed reports on individual & group performance.
  • Share with management, students & suited parties.


Interaction helps students break free from inhibitions & learn from each other


  • Moral boost & confidence building
  • Self awareness & Competitiveness
  • Empathizing and confiding in others
  • Identifying strengths & weaknesses
  • Assessing groups and individuals
  • Inviting creativity


Retention capacity in humans is best when anything is taught through visuals


  • Grasp and retain with ease
  • Facilitates in comprehending important information
  • Quick & long lasting attention
  • Improves learning by 400%
  • Ideas & emotions captured better

Live References

No better manner to inspire individuals than through real life incidents


  • Disclosing practical dimension of life
  • Better preparedness to face real life
  • Theatre, Role plays & Mock sessions provide convincing exposure
  • Jobs, interviews, industry requirements explained easily
  • Real life stories of role models, provide motivation to succeed


There is a child in everyone. Games bring out the best in all.


  • Team work and Unity
  • Active mind and body
  • Fun and enthusiasm
  • Engaging and capturing workshops
  • Invites best participation
  • Reveals originality of students

About Us

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We partner with educational institutions and conduct programs.

Our programs (workshops) are crafted to empower students succeed in future.

We bring the essence of the corporate world and the modern industry requirements, right to the desk of the students and bring them upto speed on what’s in store for them in the future, after they complete their education.

Our emphasis is not confined to employability factors alone. We also help them face life and their future with greater buoyancy. By refining these orbs (skills, attitude & beliefs), they are well-prepared with inner strength to challenge life as it comes, either at jobs, entrepreneurship, business or any other facets of life.

We include them as a part of the curriculum to ensure they imbibe this as a culture to develop, along with academics.

Our programs, is designed for schools and colleges and is equipped to provide the below outcome for students:
  • Fulfilling gaps between desired and existing Orbs
  • Encouraging students to develop poise, confidence and grace through granular learning
  • Empower individuals with positive Orbs; to face their future life with greater buoyancy
  • Engaging, Entertaining and Interactive mode of learning environment
  • Exposure to the demands of the modern day industry
  • Strong insight and practical knowledge of the corporate business world
  • Understand, Enhance and Sharpen the Orbs
  • Customized programs to evaluate talents; identify strengths and suggest areas of improvement
  • Acclaimed and pertinent concepts to suit industry needs
  • Enhancement of Orbs & skill using modules widely practiced in corporate, industrial environment
  • Committed to provide quality programs and workshops


To contribute significantly in increasing the employability and entrepreneurship of students in India through workshops and programs that help revolutionize educational elements.


In every student we work with, we promise to create an ignition for thought, a sense of responsibility, an understanding of our environmental contribution, flair for poise, a need for self-awareness, and understanding identifying and honing the Orbs, so as to empower the aspirant to face the world with better competence.

Our Team

An enthusiastic group of dynamic & energetic individuals who joined hands to contribute in helping youth achieve success in their lives; thereby strengthening the youth base of the country.

All trainers are backed with immense exposure to the corporate and MNC world, along with being qualified and certified efficient trainers.

Everyone in this team have been associated with more than a couple of corporate MNC companies for most of their careers, be it jobs or business, qualifying them to be the most eligible set of people to guide youth towards the right path.

Founder & Program Director - Kiran

Training Crew

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